The Affiliate Program.

The GrumpyText Affiliate program lets anyone earn 15% in recurring commission from sales made through their introductions. Startups, Brands that could use our help? Register as an affiliate, introduce them to us, and start earning extra income as soon as they subscribe to GrumpyText.

How do I make an introduction?

After you've successfully filled and submitted the affiliate registration form, just introduce the Brand (their hosts/Producers) to us via any of the following platforms: Email, Twitter DM, Contact Page.

Do I need to sell GrumpyText's services in order to receive my commission?

No! All you do is make the initial introduction via any of the channels we mentioned above. If the introduction leads to the Content subscribing to any of the GrumpyText's plans within 3 months of the initial introduction, you'll be entitled to the commission.

Who should register for the GrumpyText Affiliate program?

Well, if you are associated with even a single startup/business/brand that you think could use our help in building their blog conversation, you should register for the program. If you're associated with many (like a Startups Network or a Producer) then this is definitely for you too, since we'll pay you for every Business/Startup/Entrepreneur that joins the GrumpyText family!

Note: You'll be entitled to a flat 15% recurring commission when a friend you introduce subscribes to GrumpyText or any plan. Your commissions will be deposited directly to your bank account within 10-40 days after a Content Seeker subscribes or renews any of the plans, and you'll be paid for as long as the friend/brand you introduced stays a GrumpyText client.

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