How to hire the right freelance writer

How to hire the right freelance writer

In the past few months, I have been interested in trying out some adventurous activities. They test your fears and boost your confidence.

I admit that these activities are risky, but that is the definition of adventure!

"Hiring a freelance writer is nothing less than a dive into the vast open sky. It is cumbersome and dicey, but exciting."

Adapting to the new trends and being boosted by creativity, contemporary

freelancers walk parallel to innovation and competition. I realized this while

practicing affiliate marketing in the past, and now that I am starting up on my own,

I know the significance of ‘quality content.


So, how do you think I found my perfect Freelance Writer? Research and my

personal experience brought me to these certain conclusions:


1) The problem is that many freelancers will bid for

your project on online freelance portals, even ones that might not be a good fit.

You can have a quick chat with them and run through their works. Which one should

you pick? Hire the writer with an open mind because the output might or might

not meet your expectations. On the flip side, you may find a few options that can suit your various content requirements.


2) They work while you sleep.

You might want to get a piece of content urgently done or get quick revisions on an

ongoing project, but time might be your enemy because your writer is asleep on the

other end of the globe. This is the major drawback if you are on a tight schedule however, if you are getting quality content then it’s definitely worth the wait.


3) Their creativity has no limits.

Competition pushes writers to give you the best content quality only if you have

found the right one and are paying enough. A travel plan is a pre-requisite for any

adventurous journey, but what if you are the sort of person who

does not plan on how to reach the destination? Well, that might prove to be a wrong

decision when you begin your adventurous hunt for the perfect freelance writer.

So, let me give you some markers to reach your destination.

1) Have you chosen your destination?

Research should be your primary tool to identify the focus, mood, and tone of the

content you want your writer to compose. Gather reference articles and compare

them. Outline similarities between them. Finally, filter and identify five qualities

you want in your final article or blog. These qualities will remain the foundation of

your blogs throughout.


2) Whom are you looking for?

I’m sure you are looking for an ‘awesome’ writer, but you have to define what

awesome means to you. Do you like a story or honest information? How important is

vocabulary? Do you want a versatile writer or a genre-specialist? I'm sure you are already thinking of many more questions. Being specific about the skill set you

want will keep you on track and save you from scrap proposals !!!


3) Know your budget

Out to hire a freelance writer? Do you know your affordability range? An important

lesson I learned is, ‘fix your budget before your freelance writer.’ This will narrow

down your search boundaries and give you sustainable results. As much as you might

want to, do not push your financial boundaries initially until you have a backup plan!


4) Are you listening to your intuition?

Intuition is often underestimated, but it speaks a lot. You might not be able to team

up with a writer despite the writer having ‘awesome’ skills however, you might be

able to trust an up & coming writer. No, that’s not a bad sign. In fact, that is a good

start. However, you should also be wise enough to ignore your intuition sometimes



5) Are you and the writer on the same page?

You might be crystal clear in your mind, but you also have to communicate the same

to the writer in the best possible way. Make the writer thoroughly aware of the

vision you envisage.

Provide reference articles, give details on the style of

writing, vocabulary, language, and intensity of the content. Clarify queries and try

to be as specific as possible. Improper communication might lead you to

inappropriate freelancers.


Beyond content writing, we have discussed the crux of the process; however, we are yet to decide on the accessories !!!


1) Terms and Conditions

Do not suffix your terms with an asterisk (*). Bring everything onto the table right

from the deadlines to the expected number of articles every month. Transparency is

of the essence to nullify your insecurities about working with someone new. It will

also gain the trust of the freelancer you are hiring.


2) Financial clarifications

Freelancers are often particular about getting paid well and on time. It’s better to

clarify financial arrangements in advance to avoid such matters

affecting the significant task of content writing. Don’t hesitate to shell out a little

more, but, make sure it is worth it.


3) Fussy about revisions

Content writers are often self-centered when it comes to rewriting or editing

articles/blogs especially if it’s against their point of view. However, you have to stick

to your point to stay on track. It’s better to discuss revisions along with other terms

and conditions.


4) Stay Alert

Beware! Content writers are experts at playing with words. The freelance market

today is filled with passionate writers; however, the possibility of encountering

proxies is NOT NULL… Verify the basic credentials of the writer you are hiring. Make sure you pay the writer only after you have received your work because tracking them is impossible.


Content writing is a creative activity practiced by many but excelled by few. But if you are up for the roller coaster ride to impress your readers with exclusive content, then I hope to see you at Grumytext.
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