How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Start-up

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Start-up

You’ve started on your new venture, stepped out into the world of

innovation and you know exactly what your customers want from

you, so the rest should take care of itself, right? “

In a perfect business world, this is precisely what should happen, but the reality is entirely different. The best product or service in any field can remain unknown to potential customers unless you make sure it happens. Having good content and using it effectively to engage your potential clients is the one sure-fire way of making that happen.

How do you do that effectively?

Well, let’s take a look at “what content is“, “why your startup needs it”, and discover some creative ways, content can be used to create brand awareness.

What Exactly Is Content?

Content is anything that your customers can engage in, either through reading articles on your website or blog posts, watching your videos or podcasts on YouTube, receiving “Email newsletters“, downloading “how-to guides”Ebookspictures or photos, and keeping up with the latest industry news that you supply them with. If it entertains, informs, or engages customers, then it’s content.

Reasons Your Start-up Needs Good Content

  • Another good reason is the fact that high quality and engaging content can really boost your SEO. The more pages you create for Google and other Web Search Engines to index, the better chance you have of getting a good ranking which will put you ahead of your customers.
    • Thirdly, if potential customers engage with your content, you are already building up a relationship with them, a bond of trust almost. This means they are more likely to purchase from you as potential customers and will feel they know your company well.
    • Lastly, but by no means least, it can provide your company with shareable content. Using content that can be shared is an excellent way of promoting what you are selling or providing quickly and easily.

    How To Use Content Creatively?

    Start with written content such as information, articles and blog posts.

    Written content is the first and one of the most accessible content formats to dive into. Once you’ve provided all the practical content, such as what you are offering and so forth, you can then think outside of the box when it comes to writing articles. For example, you may provide articles that are related to your industry and not directly as a push for your company. You can use a “Call To Action” (CTA) at the end of your article to get your name out there. Therefore, you will attract people that are interested in your relevant niche, and the chances are that at some point, if they need your product or service, they will automatically think of you if you have engaged them for a long time with exciting and fun to read articles or blog posts. Written content also gives you the opportunity to implement SEO through the clever use of keywords and getting your written content in the top ten of the best search engines is what it’s all about. Make some Videos

    A lot of people prefer to watch a 3-minute video rather than read thousands of words, so videos are great as a visual aid.

    Creating videos that are useful for explaining “what your StartUp is all about, making one as a ‘how-to’ guide on using your product or service, or simply creating a video that introduces your company, are always entertaining.

    If you’ve done your market research and know what topics your target customers enjoy then this should be easy enough to do. Videos are really easy to share too, so creating a YouTube Channel is a great idea, and you can, of course, embed your videos on your website. Videos are a trendy way of sharing information on social media, and if you are not confident to get in front of the camera yourself, lots of companies will make videos for you and for a price that won’t leave a massive dent in your bank balance.

    Make the most of social media.

    Love it or hate it, social media is one of the most popular forms of communication. Try to use TwitterInstagramFacebook or, Reddit on a daily basis but avoid the mistakes a lot of Startups make and don’t over-promote. Go for something a bit different. Interact with your followers on a personal level, reply to any comments clients make. Bring in some humor too. Followers are more likely to engage if you make them smile. Share photos & links to your articles and your videos. Don’t be afraid to create memes either. They are great to share, and if you produce visually interesting memes you’ll be amazed at the likes and shares you will get. Social media is also a useful tool for showing customer feedback on your product or service. Check with your customer first though to avoid embarrassing situations.

    Offer some freebies We aren’t talking about giving away your product, but, for example, if a client submits their email address, they could be offered the reward of a free e-book download, or something similar. You have another email address to add to your mailing list, and a potential customer has felt like they’ve been given something for free. Think about your niche and see if there is a way you can provide a free taster. Giving away free resources encourages customers to build up a relationship with you. They will think a company that gives away things for free is trustworthy and not just out to make money. Now you should have a good idea on “how to use content” as a form of ‘marketing’ for your “StartUp.” What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to make your mark on the world.

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