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Why create a blog?

A business blog is your first step for consistent client engagement. It is the key marketing strategy to bring traffic to your virtual door.

    ⚈ It is a quick way to advertise your brand and inject your personality into your business without being overly sales-y.

    Search engines love blogs, especially industry-relevant posts that are updated regularly. These posts, when constructed properly, provide all the search engine metadata required for increasing your position in the search results. These search engine algorithms actively monitor a business’s social signals. The more often you share content, the higher you will rank.

    ⚈ Regular blog writing creates organic traffic to your website. Businesses with regular blog posts see a bigger uptick in site traffic and lead conversions than those who don’t.

    ⚈ It will improve your social media posts by having built-in unique shareable content.

    ⚈ You can begin to position your brand as an authority within your industry. Prospective clients often head to the internet first when looking for sources of timely, relevant, and helpful information. They will return over and over again if they know you are consistent.

For a lot of small businesses, the idea of a blog is great, but finding the time to execute it is tough.

After all, you’re running a business, not moonlighting as a writer. Keeping up a regular business blog can add additional pressure to your working week.

At the end of a long day, knowing that you also need to update content on your blog can be a drag, and starting a blog that isn’t regularly updated can cause your clients to lose interest in your brand.

This is where the expertise of a professional blog writing service like GrumpyText can save you time and money.

Why use us?

It may seem like an uphill battle to juggle your business, marketing strategy, and consistent content creation, especially if you are unfamiliar with blogging or have concerns over regular content marketing.

GrumpyText is here to provide blog writing services that will take the pressure off, leaving you free to focus where you add the most value - in actually running your business.

We have a team of talented and experienced content writers with degrees in English literature, technology, marketing, journalism and mass communication, enterprise management standing at the ready to provide you with well-researched, well-formatted, and high-value content.

Not only that, but we ensure to integrate keywords that will increase your visibility across search engine result pages and help your site rise in the ranks of local search results without the need for pay per click ads.

Unlike other blog writing sites, GrumpyText understands that content needs to be fresh and targeted. All new content is customized to your business and your business goals and has a delivery time of 1-3 days from your submitted request.

Not only that but before we deliver it to you, it is thoroughly reviewed by our editors at no cost to you! Even after you receive the content, if you would like something changed, we can do that.

We also understand how important it is to have engaging and unique content. Coming up with new and relevant topics requires preparation.

Keeping the ideas coming for your blog content can be tough, so we provide you with a 52-week content calendar, filled with different topics specific to your area, which means you can focus on preparing business-specific marketing posts to go alongside the industry-specific blog content we create.

The content calendar helps you maintain consistent updates to your website, illustrates optimal timing for posting on particular topics, shows how to group relative topics for maximum impact, and prevents subject duplication.

This long-term marketing tool alleviates the stresses of rushing around to find the latest trends in your area and creates a proactive framework to structure your online marketing strategy when you may be short on time.

Here are some of the reasons to get in touch with GrumpyText for some of the best blog services today :

Your business, your content : We tailor the blogs to you and your audience.
We offer a personal touch to make sure that those in your area feel heard and answered with any subjects they are most interested in.

We spend time getting to know you because we tailor our writing to your needs. Set up a telephone consultation with us today so we can learn more about your needs.

And our experienced writers will create content for your blog which is engaging, well-researched, and most importantly, reader-friendly.

You like it? It’s yours : Since the content we provide is customized for your business, it is 100% yours to use as you wish without any copyright concerns.

It’s not just about the writing : As great as a blog is, you need to be seen.
Utilizing your content to add in keywords will take away the need to rely solely on paid search such as Google and Facebook ads.

We will help you to use relevant anchor tags with the keywords, focus on keyword density, and much more.

Pay as you go : We don’t tie you into forever contracts. Our various pricing packages work on a pay-by-month basis to ensure that you get exactly what you need from us. Choose from the different service options we offer, and GrumpyText will provide the rest.

Have a look at our other offerings to learn about how you might combine our writing services. This can easily save you time and alleviate the stress you might otherwise feel trying to juggle online marketing while handling all the other demands of running your business.

Book a free marketing strategy call today and find out how we can help your business grow

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