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You may think that nowadays, email communication is as outdated as old-school junk flyers, but newsletters sent via email are one of the best ways to stay in touch with clients and bring traffic to your website. Luckily for you, GrumpyText has you covered.

Share the blog posts and other articles you want to highlight in your newsletter

We write snappy marketing copy aimed at getting your clients to take action

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The art of newsletter writing

You already know that your customers are likely swimming through a lot of emailed newsletters every week, you probably experience the same. Some are effective, some not so much.

A lot of businesses auto-create long-winded, impersonal missives that end up being sent straight to the trash bin.

This is the curse of bad content!

With well-written and specific copy, your clients will look forward to receiving your next newsletter and will gladly open it to see what they can learn.

Effective newsletter writing requires original, informative, and engaging content.
Successful content needs to resonate with your target audience.
Keeping the copy specific to your market will engage clients straight away and let them know you are the expert with answers to the very questions they may have had.

Add to it tailored subject lines that draw readers to explore more and you will be well on your way to client-friendly emails. An effective subject line is vital to the success of any email campaign - It’s your chance to grab the reader’s attention before they click the delete button.

Knowing what to write, how to write it, and how often to send newsletters is an art in itself. The subjects should be engaging for the recipient, with the content being created in a readable and easy to digest format.
Constructing a message which will engage your audience directly and inspire them to take action is key.

Striking a balance between the quality and depth of information you provide with the number of words it takes to do it can be a challenge on its own.

One of the simplest ways to start a regular newsletter is to share your blog posts directly through email. The newsletter provides a teaser, a small engaging sliver of the blog post in the body of the email. This then provides the reader the opportunity (a call to action) to click the link to the blog post and visit your site, where they will have a chance to learn more about all your products and offerings.

If you have a regular blog posting schedule, all the better because you will be able to leverage that into a regularly scheduled email campaign.

Building on this basic newsletter concept, you can also incorporate other marketing campaigns into the body of the email, based on special offers or specific events in your area. This is a great way to drive business back to your site.

How do I avoid sending mass amounts of individual emails?

Nobody likes a spammer. The last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time crafting a newsletter and not hitting the mark. But clients do appreciate careful curation of thoughtful content designed to help them.

In terms of managing the mechanics of staying in touch with a massive list of contacts, it always pays to use an email service to assist in mass-emailing campaigns.

Depending on your requirements, there are a lot of different email distributors out there. Some of the best-paid email services include:

    ⚈ MailChimp

    ⚈ Clickback
    ⚈ Sendloop

If you already have a solid customer base that trusts you and your business after having a good business experience, you will find it much easier to get their attention in follow-up campaigns. Helping you stay front of mind with your target audience is where GrumpyText excels.

Hiring us as your content writing partner can take a lot of the hassle and concern out of maintaining regular email communication with clients. We know how to connect, and our email newsletter service will create email campaigns that grab your target audience’s interest with a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter, written by our team of professional copywriters, which is then yours to send out to your clients as and when you wish.

Here are some of the reasons to get in touch with GrumpyText today :

You like it? It’s yours : Since the content we provide is customized for your business, it is 100% yours to use as you wish without any copyright concerns.

It’s not just about the writing : Utilizing your content to add in keywords will take away the need to rely solely on paid search such as Google and Facebook ads. We will help you to use relevant anchor tags with the keywords, focus on keyword density, and much more.

Pay as you go : We don’t tie you into forever contracts. Our various pricing packages work on a pay-by-month basis to ensure that you get exactly what you need from us. Choose from the different service options we offer, and GrumpyText will provide the rest.

Have a look at our other offerings to learn about how you might combine our writing services. This can easily save you time and alleviate the stress you might otherwise feel trying to juggle online marketing while handling all the other demands of running your business.

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