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The world lives on social media these days, and for a business, it is essential to stay active on social platforms to engage with customers and drive brand awareness. GrumpyText can provide you with action-oriented content for all your business’s social channels.

It’s simple

Provide the topic or a specific article you want to highlight

We write a platform-optimal intro aimed at your clients

And then you post!

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The world lives on social media these days, and for a business, it is essential to stay active on social platforms to engage with customers and drive brand awareness.

If you shy away from using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for your business, you are potentially losing out on many valuable leads. If you don’t have time to manage it all on your own, GrumpyText can provide you with action-oriented content for all your business’s social channels.

But I thought social media posts were quick and easy?


The key to some posts is to keep them short and sweet. Twitter famously has a cap on character count per post (280 characters) for this very reason.

You might even be sitting there thinking “well, surely this is easy to do on my own!”

And some people indeed excel at composing pithy, engaging social media content. But it can be incredibly time-consuming to search out the information you want to share and craft a message that will strike the right balance with clients.

Keep in mind too that your business account’s primary aim is to engage with clients to the point that ultimately drives sales and develops new leads.

You need to stay consistent with your post schedule and maintain your brand’s personality, all while continuing to keep your existing clientele interested with specific talking points and local updates. This is not as simple as keeping up with friends and family on a personal account.

One way to keep proactive and organize your posts is by planning them ahead of time. You can do this by creating a social media content calendar. Although a social media content calendar may sound time-consuming initially, it is guaranteed to be worth every minute invested.

A social media calendar lets you plan posts ahead of time, batch subjects together, and be used as a reference point for any creative ideas that will come in handy later in the year.

It can be as simple or complex as your brand needs it to be. As you decide which layout and social media channels will work best for your business marketing plan, you also want to think about what information you want it to provide.

Successful businesses post to their social media profiles every single day, and a lot post multiple times. Big companies are so invested in their social media presence that they hire salaried staff to work solely on that.

When you think about trying to run your social media side of your business on top of trying to balance your work life and private life, it would be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Add to that the need to keep thinking of fresh ideas for your posts, and soon enough one it could end up being too much.
"Take it from us, we know.

Hiring someone who understands what’s what in the world of business social media will ease the amount of pressure you face.

Social Media by the Pros.

Approximately 90% of businesses use social media.

And it isn’t to be hip and trendy. The fact is that approximately 70% of adults are active on social media daily, and it is proven that these social media interactions influence their purchasing habits.

Having a strong, social media presence will enable you to drive new business and increase the trust you have with existing clients.

Increased activity across your brand’s social media platforms will get noticed, and over time you will see an increase in follower count.

It can take time but having an experienced content creator working for you will make a big difference. If you want to be seen as the top industry authority in your local area, our experienced writing team will provide the content you need to get there.

Take a look at our writing samples for more.

Why GrumpyText?

Here are some of the reasons to get in touch with GrumpyText today:

Keep it specific : We at GrumpyText understand that your posts need to be specific to you, your business, and your audience. Each business is different, and so we provide customized content planned around your needs.

If you have an article you want to reference in a social media post, that’s great! We will write a short, engaging intro to frame the link to the article. If you just need a standalone post on a particular topic, we can craft that as well.

Be prepared : Keeping the fresh post ideas coming can be a headache. GrumpyText has you covered by providing you with a 52-week blog topic content calendar, filled with different topics specific to your area, which you can also use to help guide your thinking around social media content.

The content calendar helps you maintain consistent post updates, shows when is good to group relative topics for maximum impact, and helps to prevent subject duplication.

This long-term marketing tool alleviates the stresses of rushing around to find the latest trends in your area and creates a proactive environment within which to develop your posts when you may be short on time.

Pay as you go : We don’t tie you into forever contracts. All of our various pricing packages work on a month-by-month basis to ensure that you get exactly what you need from us.

Choose from the different service options we offer, and GrumpyText will provide the rest.

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